Shocker: Fighter disqualified, banned for ‘altered bandages’ KO

Ringside 04/11/2017

Last Tuesday, Adrián “Magico” Briones knocked out Rodolfo “Increíble” Macias in the first round, but when he handed over his bandage to the Monterrey Box Commission, it was discovered that they were altered, so he was disqualified.

The welterweight fight was expected to be competitive and explosive, as both fighters have power in their fists. Ten seconds into the first round, Briones hurt his rival, sending him to the canvas.

Rodolfo Ramírez, head of the COMBOX in Monterrey, asked for the bandages of the winner and it was discovered that they had been altered, so he was disqualified and his salary was also withheld, as this action had put his rival at serious risk.

Briones was suspended by the World Boxing Council and FECOMBOX indefinitely. He and his team will be summoned to a meeting to explain what happened.

Together, we will minimize the acts that in one way or another give an advantage to one opponent over another. We will continue working to make boxing a cleaner and safer sport for all fighters.