Mauricio Sulaiman column: Sentiments of Convention echoed on Clean Boxing, mismatches and safety

Waking up with a smile is great, and all those who watched Game 5 of the MLB World Series certainly feel that way. It was one of the best games I have ever seen, with so much drama. And of course, I am also smiling because the Dallas Cowboys won.

One month after our convention in Baku, Azerbaijan, the WBC is working full speed on implementing the action plan from all the important agreements from the meetings during such memorable gathering.


One of the top priorities is the crusade to eliminate dangerous mismatches. It is the duty of all of us involved in boxing to take actions to stop this growing practice worldwide. Promoters and matchmakers, Federations and local boxing commissions, boxing organizations, trainers, managers, media, and fans must all stand up against mismatches. Tijuana was become the center of mismatches, even creating a concept called “Boxing Tourism.”

We are reaching out to all in the boxing industry to join this crusade and sign in as a responsible member of the boxing community, to reject being part of a dangerous mismatch, and to report any wrongdoing whenever detected.

What is a dangerous mismatch?

· A fight between two fighters with clearly different levels of ability.
· A fight featuring a suspended boxer.
· A fight featuring a fighter who has consistently lost, especially by knockout.
· A fight featuring a washed-up fighter facing a rising star.

Boxrec is working day after day with the WBC team to detect dangerous mismatches from the scheduled boxing cards, and we have been successful to stop a few of these matches with the support of the local boxing commission and promoters.

The Clean Boxing Program has been the WBC’s top priority and stands as our pride. It has taken hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and resources to get to the point where we are now, but it is highly satisfying to see the majority of the boxing community members take the program with positive actions.

The work that VADA administers is gigantic, and this testing protocol is, without a doubt, the best one in the world.

The success of this program also comes from its management results protocol. It is important to understand that each single case is different and it is our obligation to perform the due process independently from any other case, taking into consideration the specifics, such as: which substance is found, levels, history of the events, interviews and investigative papers, experts’ input, authorities’ input, etc.

Safety is of paramount importance, and that is the reason of the existence of the CBP. We must also make sure justice prevails, however, and each case is fully investigated and documented.

The WBC’s 2018 action plan will aim to educate the boxing community of the world through awareness campaigns and programs. We have created the Nutrition Committee, led by Dr. Gogglia, which will also have great influence in the education of fighters and trainers. Nutrition controls dehydration and limits supplements that are not necessary if a person is properly consuming the right foods and liquids.

We will enter November and the WBC joins “Movember” which is Men’s Health Awareness month, so let’s all grow that mustache!