Anthony Joshua analyzes Carlos Takam performance, recalls using Larry Holmes’ advice

Joe Hewlett 31/10/2017

Following his tenth-round victory over Carlos Takam, Britain’s Anthony Joshua extended his reign as IBF, WBA and IBO world champion.

Anthony Joshua appeared at the post press-conference which World Boxing News participated at the Principality Stadium and asked the Londoner on his experience of tussling with the Frenchman.

Speaking with a swollen nose he said: “Different styles make different fights. This fight was completely different to the fight before as you can see. We were at learning level when we first started, then we went British level, a bit tougher, of reputation, pride, and then we entered into the world level and now we’re at the level where we’re trying to own the division and we’re fighting people who want that as well.

“They come tough, they come game so what I’ve learned is they hang around, they stick in there even when it’s getting tough, they’re gonna stick in there.

“And just don’t switch off because if history repeats itself, we’ve seen great fighters make mistakes, no heavyweight is one-time champion of the world undefeated, they’re all two-time, three-time champion of the world so good win and I don’t or I want to get beat by the guy who’s better than me not because I was making mistakes.

“I could see Takam was the type of fighter who wanted me to tire and him to start breaking me down in the later rounds, but I just had to keep switched on.

“I look at Wilder, when he fought Bermane who’s the only fighter he hasn’t knocked out, that short and stocky style, they’re just tricky fighters. I’m just dealing with the certain style of fights early which are good and will only hold me in good stead for the next four, five fights in the future.”

AJ admitted he recently took note from one of the greats of the game whilst attempting to grind down Takam.

He added: “You know what, it was interesting right – Larry Holmes was saying how important the jab was in an interview that I read, and I could hear the coach in the corner saying use the jab and I remembered Larry saying how important the jab was.

“A fighter will gain confidence when you give him space to but when you just keep ramming that jab in his face it gives him something to think about rather than confidence, so I just kept listening to the old fighter of Larry Holmes and just tried my best to land that jab and keep him at bay.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95