WBC Cares: Champions make inspiring visit for Red Ribbon Week

This assembly would be a little different, instead of focusing on saying NO TO DRUGS, WBC Cares wanted to focus on listening to the children, listening to their dreams.

In attendance, WBC Cares Ambassadors were Leo Santacruz, Brandon Rios, Maricela Cornejo, Daniel Valdivia, Joseph Landeros, Ronny Rios, Daniel Roman and our MC for this event was Contragolpe’s Enrique Gutierrez who was their to cover the event, but graciously accepted the role as MC and did a tremendous job at it!

From the WBC Los Angeles Office, Pepe Sulaiman, Nancy Rodriguez and Cecy Sulaiman, worked together with Torrance Elementary to make this a great and positive event!

The fighters shared their dreams of becoming boxers with the children, they also invited many children up to the mic and share their dreams with them. After the assembly, you could hear the chatter within the young students asking each other what their dreams were.

That was the highlight of the day, seeing them engage in a different type of conversation. A conversation which may give these children dreams they may accomplish one day.

WBC provided gifts to the students including personalized Torrance Elementary patches, autographed pictures for all the classrooms, a plaque for the school as well as an autographed glove was presented to the principal, Dr. Joseph.

The kids had about an hour after the assembly to take photos with the fighters, get autographs and ask questions. It was definitely a different atmosphere the fighters are used to, and you can definitely see it in their smiles. Much respect to the fighters who volunteer their time to make a difference in their community.

Thanks to the media for covering this positive event for the community.