Coldwell predicts AJ mid-round stoppage over Takam, wants to see Parker, then Wilder unifications

Joshua v Takam 25/10/2017

Mark Robinson

As we’re now in AJ’s fight week, betsafe.com caught up with betsafe ambassador Tony Bellew’s renowned trainer David Coldwell and got his thoughts on AJ’s late opponent change and what the future might hold for him.

“Styles make fights, and Takam is completely different to what Pulev was, in stature and perhaps in work rate as well, he’s got a good engine on him, he will look to get on AJ’s chest, put his head low perhaps put his head underneath AJ’s chin and give AJ problems he’s not really had before, nobody’s really managed to get on his chest before as a professional, if he can’t keep Takam off him and it goes a few rounds, this will be interesting,” Coldwell told betsafe.

“Rob McCracken is building a package fighter in AJ. They don’t prepare for one particular man; you prepare to make the fighter the best he can be in any eventuality. The change won’t have been ideal for AJ but it shouldn’t phase him.

“Carlos Takam is a very tough fighter, people are going to underestimate him. He keeps himself in shape all the time, great physical specimen, he’s got a great engine. He isn’t the one punch dynamite knock out artist, he wears you down and he can punch hard enough to cause problems.”

“Anthony Joshua in his last couple of fights has faced big men. With Takam, you’re talking about a man that’s about is 5”11, he’s gone from preparing for somebody big to somebody smaller who’s going to be coming in under his jab. He hasn’t had much time to prepare for that. Lennox Lewis used to hate fighting guys who were smaller than him, who would roll under his jap and come over with hooks over the top. AJ is still favourite, but Takam is a live live opponent”

“We know AJ has tired before, he’ll have learnt from that and won’t just unload and leave himself open to running out of gas. The Klitschko fight would have been great experience for him, as AJ is still relatively inexperienced”

“I think it’ll go longer than 4 rounds Takam is very very tough, he likes to move his head, drop down low. Joshua is a big man and he’s going to be punching downwards now. That being said I do think he will stop him, I think it’s the accumulation of punches and perhaps I think it’ll be between 7 and 9 rounds”

“I think the logical next step is Joseph Parker, he’s been making a lot of noise, he won the WBO title, he’s come over and beaten a Brit in Hughie Fury all be it controversially, but he’s a commodity he’s known over here, and he also wants to fight over here. He’s had enough of boxing in New Zealand where he’s in a little pond; he wants to get out into the big ocean and right now Anthony Joshua is the biggest name in boxing.

“Deontay Wilder has his WBC, if AJ beats Parker he’s added his WBO and if you keep all the belts together you’ve got a massive unification fight. Parker first then a huge showdown with Deontay Wilder which would be an absolute blockbuster”

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