Coldwell reflects on contrasting results for Gill and Fields in Derby

Ringside 19/10/2017

Dave Coldwell was a very interested participant at Derby on Friday night as two of his charges were in action. 

Jordan Gill maintained his perfect record with another impressive performance against Rafael Castillo but there was disappointment for Ryan Fields who got up off the canvas to narrowly lose to Andy Keates in a gruelling encounter.

Days after the event, Coldwell is able to reflect on what could’ve been a much better night for himself despite many positives.

“I was really happy with Jordan,” buzzed Coldwell.

“He’s listening to everything I’m telling him and the stuff he’s doing in the gym is coming out of him in fights and that’s all a trainer can ask of his fighter. 

“He’s getting used to being an active fighter again and I said a couple of months back that I wanted some rounds for him before looking at titles.

“I certainly think he’s ready for a good challenge now and I’ll be looking to do all I can to get him the right fight next time out as I think he has a brilliant future.”

On Fields, Coldwell added, “It could’ve been all so different for him as he lost by the narrowest margins but the start he made meant he was always going to be up against it as the fight wore on.

“It was a brilliant fight and credit has to go to but Ryan and Andy because they really went at it and gave everything they had. Ryan is a good kid and he usually responds well to setbacks and I’m expecting the same this

“Ryan is a good kid and he usually responds well to setbacks and I’m expecting the same this this time around.

“He’s got a brilliant attitude and although he’s hurting after this defeat he’ll be desperate to get back in there and return to winning ways.”