Chris Eubank Sr. denies hanging up on Joey Barton during live radio exchange

Joe Hewlett 16/10/2017

📸 Mark Robinson

Chris Eubank Sr was a special guess on the Alan Brazil breakfast show on TalkSport this morning and appeared to hang up live on air after colliding verbally with co-host Joey Barton.

The former two-weight world champion was involved in a trade of words as Barton questioned the profile of his son, Eubank Jr.

Here’s how it all unraveled:

Barton: “You know my biggest disappointment is, I almost missed Chris Jr’s fight because it was stuck away on ITV Box-Office. I didn’t even know it was in existence.

“He’s the kind of fighter, that I think if he’s fighting – when I watch yourself, Chris – it was on ITV, but it was on the normal TV, it didn’t have the PPV. These big fights, these big British boxers, we gotta get these back on easier to view sources.”

In vintage Eubank fashion, he responded: “Remind me of your name again, sir?”

Barton: “Joey Barton my name is, mate”

Eubank: “Joey, you’ll get over it.”

Barton: “Get over what?”

Eubank: “Over not or nearly missing him fight.”

Barton: “I’m just saying, I’d like to see him fight, I’ve seen him fight a few times fight but I’d like to see him now when you’re saying he’s in the prime of his career, Chris. I’d like to see him in the big fights.”

Eubank: “The world is what it is today, and we have to go with the times. We have to and the advanced technological era in which we live, you have to buy the fight on PPV and I don’t see why not.

“The man has spent 14 years in the gymnasium and he’s asking you for £10, two beers? I’m sorry, pay the money or don’t.”

Barton: “I’m just saying, it’s disappointing that you look at the likes of Callum Smith, George Groves, Froch, selling out Wembley. Anthony Joshua selling out Wembley. He doesn’t have the same pull because he’s stuffed away on ITV PPV.”

Eubank: “No, he’s not stuffed away.”

Barton: “Well I’m a boxing fan Chris and I didn’t know he was fighting that night but I knew Anthony Crolla was fighting that night and I knew there was another domestic clash that night. I didn’t know he was even fighting because there was no real publicity about it, are you getting a fair shake-up in the media, getting enough exposure, getting enough publicity?”

Having seemingly quit the phone call chat with the breakfast team, Eubank took to social media to cool the speculation he’d swerved Barton’s line of questioning: “Alan, please let Joey know that I was not given names of who I would be speaking with. I went through a tunnel on the train to Brighton ????????” he pointed out.

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