Spence Jr. set for Peterson defense in January, then wants Thurman

Speaking at the Barclays Center triple-header in the super-welterweight division, Spence discussed his upcoming opponent.

“I’m happy to be here, it’s been awhile. It’s finally time to defend my title, capture more titles and become the undisputed welterweight champion of the world. That’s what I’m ready to do next year,” said Spence.

“[Peterson] is somebody that I looked up to as an amateur. I sparred with him as an amateur and learned a lot from him. He’s one of my favorite fighters and is a guy that will fight anybody. I’ve never known him to duck a fight.

“Lamont is a tricky fighter. He’s been around the block. He does a lot of cagey, veteran things. I’m looking to get experience in this fight. I’m still a young fighter.

“Since I was 5-0, I’ve said I’d fight Keith Thurman or anybody in the top 5. He’s got to go through rehab, but I’m ready when he is. I’m always ready to fight the best.”

Peterson relinquished the WBA version in the run-up to the fight with Spence being set and could become a three-time, two weight world champion should the American upset his compatriot next year.