Darkon Dryden eyes 20k prize in Aussie Super 8 tournament

Ringside 09/10/2017

HE’S YOUNG, BRASH, COCKY AND HE’S TALKED THE TALK NOW HE’S READY TO WALK THE WALK. Newcastle’s Darkon Dryden has sparked the attention of the country with his comments in the lead up to the first Super8 tournament on the TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 18 card at Rumours International on November 25.

The question remains, is his mouth writing cheques his fists can cash? Darkon says yes and is ready to prove it. He was the first fighter to nominate for the event – not bothered who the remaining seven competitors were going to be.

“I think this concept suits me down to a tee, there’s World champs and Aussie champs over ten rounds, you drop down to these shorter rounds and I’ve got power in both hands,” Dryden said.

“I just see me winning, no one believes me yet, I’m the dark horse and they’ll start believing after this.

“I’m going to Toowoomba and I’m getting the 20k…but it’s ok I’ll shout all the other fighters a beer afterwards.”

The 8 confirmed competitors are

Jack Asis – former IBO World Champion.
Jamie Hilt – Queensland Welterweight champion
Darkon Dryden – 3 fights 3 wins all by KO and within two rounds
Mick Shaw – Former Australian Champion
Alex Ahtong – Former multiple State title contender
Luke Woods – Commonwelth Games amateur, 3-0 as a pro
Robert Toomey – Former IBO Oceania Champion
Jason Kanofski – Former Queensland Champion

“I’m training hard and I’m taking this real serious, I think everyone is going to be a believer after fight one, I’m confident,” Dryden said.

“If I start landing flush shots, they’ll fall it doesn’t matter who it is.”

The draw for the super8 will be conducted in the week leading up to the show however Dryden has insisted – forget the draw and give him Mick Shaw, Jack Asis or anyone who’s willing.

The likes of Asis, Shaw and Jamie Hilt will be the home town favourites on the night and Dryden wants to spoil the party.

“I think I’m going to take out local heroes on the night, I’m ready,” Dryden said.

“Father time has caught up with Mick Shaw, he’s too old, I think I’ll retire him..and Jack Asis he’s just a midget fighting out of his weight class.

“Newcastle vs the world and I’m leaving 20k richer.

“Whoever i don’t get to fight if they want a shot I’ll fight them in Newcastle at a later date if they want.”

Dryden, along with Tasmanian Luke Woods will be giving away plenty of experience on the night. The Newcastle boxer is 3-0 with three knock outs and all three coming within the first two rounds.

This is undoubtedly his biggest challenge – but he’s already shown – he wont take a backward step. His comments in the lead up will make him a marked man..but you get the feeling that’s just the way Darkon Dryden wants it.

“There are some experienced fighters, former World champs, Aussie champs, it doesn’t bother me – it excites me,” Dryden said.

“I’ve got power in both hands and bigger balls than king kong.

“I’ll travel to Toowoomba knowing full well in the biggest underdog there and I’ll shock everyone watching.

“I’ve got nothing to lose – but I’m coming to win.”

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