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Two minute rounds remain for Women following WBC Convention

That insisting was being done by WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, who pointed out that detailed medical research clearly indicates that women boxers are appreciably at higher risk of concussions than men and there’s also the hydration factor.

Malte Muller Michaelis, who’s the Chairman of the WBC Female Committee confirmed they stand by this, and these timing laws are also crucial to comply with strict laws in Scandinavian nations.

Some of the same issues persist. Many women fighters are not making decent or fair money as the fruit of their considerable laboratory, having to hold on to their day jobs and in some ways, this makes their commitment to the sport all the more passionate.

Some very encouraging indicators. Two female fights on US nationwide television this year, with Claressa Shields as the guiding light. And next year a much anticipated fight between Her against the also impressive Christina Hammer.

Forty one sanctioned female title fights this year, fifteen of which were in Mexico. The fabulous WBC Diamond Female flyweight in which Yessica “Kika” Chavez defeated Esmeralda. “Joya” Moreno.

Plans for similar tournaments in other divisions. And in the coming year a third WBC Woman’s tournament in Germany, hosted by Malte who urges: “Come to Germany and be my guest. And I’ll promise not to sing!”