Shocker: Vitali Klitschko, 46, wants to fight Anthony Joshua, avenge brother Wladimir’s loss

WBN 07/10/2017
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Former WBC heavyweight ruler Vitali Klitschko has sensationally announced his intention to make a return to the ring five years after his last fight when the Ukrainian defeated Manuel Charr.

Klitschko wants to avenge his brother Wladimir’s loss to current king Anthony Joshua despite a lengthy absence from the sport and being more of a politician than a fighter these days.

The veteran, who would be a massive underdog against Joshua on the boxing betting props should he decide to come back at the age of 46, spoke about his mission earlier this weekend.

“It was great fight of Wladimir and Joshua, great fight,” Vitali told FightHubTV.

“I feel a bit guilty, because I told to Wladimir in the corner please don’t be so active in round number six when Wladimir sent Joshua to the floor.

“I expect a big-muscled athlete to not recover, I was surprised, Joshua recovered so fast and stopped Wladimir.

“If I didn’t tell him to stop, then Wladimir might have knocked him out, six or maybe round number seven.”

“Wladimir lost the fight against Corrie Sanders, I knocked out Corrie Sanders next fight, because I defended my brother.”

“A fight against Joshua is my best wish. I have a feeling I can do it better, I have to fight Joshua and bring back the belt to the family.”

Vitali was one of the greats of his era during a ring career spanning 16 years and did make a successful comeback once before when missing four years between 2004 and 2008.

‘Dr Ironfist’ is considerably longer in the tooth these days though, and taking on a young buck in Joshua at his ripe old age would not be greeted well by the masses.

Promoter Eddie Hearn already has a fight plan in action for Joshua and may not see the benefits of pitting the 2012 Olympic champion against another Klitschko in break from his unification blueprint.