WBC Clean Boxing Program: 176 tests, seven positives and five dismissed

WBC CBP 05/10/2017

The WBC’s Clean Boxing program is spearheading anti doping in the sport of boxing, aiming to insure the well being of fighters’ today in order to insure that they have a healthy tomorrow.

Combined with the Voluntary Anti Doping Association, known as VADA run by Margaret Goodman, there have been 176 tests of which seven have been positive with five dismissed tests.

A key aim is to insure that the first fifteen fighters in each WBC weight category remain available via I phone and reachable: 24-7, 365, for random testing. Another, is to be calm, but impress the terrible harm that can be done via deliberate doping, with effects which will linger to harm in coming years.

Luis Escalona, who gave the annual presentation at the World Boxing Council’s 55th Convention in Baku, Azerbaijan, explained that thirty three thousand dollars are required, so sponsorship is needed.

The Fighting Fair Program has been a tremendous success, and its imparted educative value, can be found in a WBC Webimar. The message is clear, stark, yet vital: “You use, you lose!”

The original idea for this came from the late Great Jose Sulaiman. That seed of inspiration was planted, yet it took many years for this process to take root, but it’s developed into ax resounding success.