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Home » Loeffler: Canelo on board for May rematch, GGG prepared to wait

Loeffler: Canelo on board for May rematch, GGG prepared to wait

Speaking at the ongoing 55th WBC Convention in Baku, Azerbaijan, Loeffler said terms were being discussed and that the biggest potential stumbling block (about the date) could be sorted out.

“We still have to work out the details. There’s no guarantee will take the ring. But I’ve got a good feeling about it, Golden Boy wants to do it, HBO wants to do it, and the fans want to see the rematch,” Loeffler told James Blears.

“Everything I’ve heard is that Canelo doesn’t want to fight until before May, so that is part of a concession on Gennady’s side, as Gennady would like to fight sooner than May.

“But Gennady’s agreed that if we can do the rematch directly, he’ll wait until then.

“If it goes past May there might be some evidence that Canelo doesn’t want it, but as of right now…all the indications are that we should be able to work out the rematch for May,” he added.

The May 5, 2018 calender has already been marked off, possibly heading back to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the scene of the hotly disputed draw between the pair last month.

Golovkin v Canelo II has been ordered by the WBC and would see the two best middleweights in the world give the paying public another chance to see the 2017 Fight of the Year contender.