Getting started with combat sports, take care of your protection

WBN 05/10/2017

Do you like the idea to start combat sports? No wonder, thanks to regular martial arts training, you will get great condition, character and you will learn to defend yourself if it would be needed.

If you want to take the exercise really seriously, the t-shirt and tracksuit will not be enough. We wrote for you a comprehensive guide, which equipment you should have for the training.

Essential training equipment

Combat sport will completely absorb you. The most of the people train hard and never underestimate preparation for training. There are different types of combat sports that vary in equipment or type of clothing but have this common thing – protectors. In intensive training, it is important to remember the potential risks and injuries that may occur. Indeed, it is a contact sport, and especially during sparring, your body is under the pressure and gets frequent hits.

You have a wide range of quality guards that ensure maximum safety of your body – from the head up to toe. Choose the guards that suite best for a given combat sport, which will fit in size and ensure comfortable and safety during the training.

Elbow guards

If you are practicing combat sports with frequent hard kicks, throws, and hits, such as Thai boxing or MMA, it is necessary to buy elbow guards. During those training, the fighters are often falling hard on the ground and elbow guards absorb this hard impact and protect their elbows and arms against injuring. Just in these moments, you will appreciate the protection of the elbows and prevention against fracture.

Knee guards

You should not forget to protect your legs for harder workouts and buy suitable knee guards. Types of guards are distinguished for specific types of combat sports. You can choose soft guards that are suitale for strike-kick styles or plastic guards that are specially made for hard falls of your knees.

Other protective equipment

Between other guards, which you can choose, including suspenders, teeth guards, hand guards (gloves), or helmets. To protect and strengthen the joints and wrists are important bandages that are part of the basic equipment of combat sports.

Investing in your own health is worthwhile, just a few basic protective aids and your training will be not only effective but also comfortable and safe.

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