Exclusive: Tony Luis wants Anthony Crolla or Terry Flanagan, but fears it would be, ‘Derry Mathews all over again’

Joe Hewlett 04/10/2017

Robert Lefebvre

Tony Luis has admitted he is open to returning to the UK for a mega-fight but wants several stipulations to be fulfilled.

The Canadian made his one and only appearance in Liverpool back in 2015 where he lost a unanimous decision to Derry Matthews.

Exclusively speaking to World Boxing News ahead of his upcoming bout against Giovanni Straffon, he said: “For the right offer and this time for a full training camp, yes. I need to get there at least ten days ahead of time to shake off the jetlag and adjust to the time zone.

“If there’s a title holder being offered to me like Flanagan, or if Crolla comes around after Burns, who I’d love to fight, we can make for a great match but the money has to be right.”

‘The Lightning’ is hoping to display a dominant performance on October 14 to grab the attention of the lightweight elite. One of the world champions is Britain’s Terry Flanagan, though Luis, who possesses a record of 24-3, wasn’t impressed with the Mancunians most recent performance.

“Here’s the thing, I watched Flanagan’s last fight against Petr Petrov and thought Petrov got a raw deal. I’m not going to argue if he won or lost but what I am going to say is, the referee was really influenced to what direction that fight was going.

“He was way too quick, he was giving into every bit of whining from Flanagan. It was very unfair to Petrov and the scorecards were way too wide. Whether he won or not, it was wide and that had him not even touching a shadow and I thought that was ridiculous.

“My thing is this, I’m not afraid of fighting Flanagan but I know going over there the kinda fighter and officiating I’m going to be dealing with. I know what is going to happen. It’ll be Derry Matthews all over again,” he bemoaned.

“Fly the nest, come over to North America and we can get it on anytime, any place,” he added.

Another fight he has his eyes on is the domestic clash between England’s Anthony Crolla and Scotland’s Ricky Burns.

The pair meet this weekend at the Manchester Arena and Luis would relish the chance to take on the victor.

“First of, I’d love to face the winner, I’ll put that out there. I gotta give it to Crolla, it’s a great domestic fight, they’re finally going to settle the score. But, I think Crolla wins that one.

“I know Anthony does well and sells out Manchester so I want paying what I’m worth. I’ve proven I’m a world class contender, I expect to be valued as such.

“I know I won’t get any favours over there, whether it be the judging or officiating I know I ain’t going to get any favours out there,” he concluded.

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