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Home » Coach Dave Coldwell dissects Anthony Fowler’s debut Liverpool win

Coach Dave Coldwell dissects Anthony Fowler’s debut Liverpool win

Fowler was having his first professional contest in front of his home crowd and he didn’t leave them disappointed as he continued his blistering start and climbed up the rankings a little bit more.

Trainer Dave Coldwell, who admitted beforehand that Fowler had to blank out his support and fight the right fight, saw a lot of good in his light-middlewight charge.

“On the night and in the corner I was slightly critical and I said the same to the journalists sitting ringside. After watching it back I think I might’ve been a little harsh but there was still some stuff that I wasn’t happy about.

On the whole I was happy but he’s still got to listen that little bit more of he’s to truly fulfil all his potential. He’s got a lot of natural ability in regards to his strength and power but that isn’t always going to be enough.

I want to make him more tactically sound and loosen him up a little bit more but I’m confident we’ll get there with him.”

Belfast is the next destination for Fowler on October 21st and he’s back to the gym this week to prepare for it. “He’ll have a couple days off and he’s back to work,” said Coldwell.

“We can briefly look back on the Byrne performance so I can show him a few things and then it’s onto the next one over on the Ryan Burnett world title show.

He’s being moved quite quick now and that’s how it should be for someone with Anthony’s background but he has to show everything he’s learning in the gym and not just some of it. Belfast will soon be here and it’ll be good to have back in the ring again so soon.”