‘Desperate attention seeker’ Rio Ferdinand ‘making a mockery’ of boxing, says Tony Bellew

WBN 03/10/2017
bellew MR2

Former WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew has blasted ex-England footballer Rio Ferdinand’s attempts to become a professional boxer.

Ferdinand, who is almost 39 years of age, firstly stated his intention to fight for a title in the ring before backtracking after coming under some heavy fire from those involved in the sport.

Heavyweight star Bellew, the target of a tongue-in-cheek callout by Ferdinand on social media, expressed his disappointment at the whole affair.

“He’s making a mockery of our sport,” Bellew told betsafe.com “This sport is not a game, it’s a serious sport and can be very dangerous.

“This is attention seeking of the highest order. I understand that he might have frustrations that he wants to get out.

“But I believe he could do that in the gym, why does he need to go in a boxing ring?

“He’s a healthy man with a beautiful family and I have huge respect for him after watching the documentary on his family.

“But this stinks of desperation and not being able to let go out of the spotlight.”

The man himself is under no illusions of the task that sits in front of him, although has since changed his plans to ‘just one fight to see if boxing grabs him’ in the near future.

“Everyone said, ‘It’s a big step, you’re mad, are you crazy?’ But my friends and family were like, ‘If you fancy it, then why not?’”

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