WBC undertake ranking, mandatory tasks as Baku Convention begins

WBC 02/10/2017
World Boxing Council Heavyweight

The World Boxing Council will open officially its 55th Convention on Monday in The Fairmont Baku Hotel located in the Flame Towers complex, however, the members of the WBC Rankings Committee have already rolled their sleeves up, and are working on a detailed agenda.

Well known as one of the of the most efficient departments of the WBC, they’re today discussing and developing the Lists of Ranked boxers.

For this reason, the members of the committee met at one Salon at the Fairmont of this beautiful Azerbaijan city.

The meeting has an impressive lineup with Peter N’gatane, Marina Milovanova, Anson Wainwright, Peter Stucki, Dean Lohuis, Bob Yalen, Luis Medina, Abraham Ibarra, Nicolás Hidalgo and Bismark Morales.

The next WBC Rankings will be concluded on Saturday and they will be immediately released. During the sessions of the Convention we will address the mandatory status per division.