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Joshua v Pulev super-fight: Everything you need to know

The McGregor vs Mayweather fight might be already over, but there’s still a lot in store for boxing fans around the world — the Super fight between Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev. The much-anticipated Heavyweight fight is happening on Oct. 28 and will be produced by Showtime Championship Boxing.

This bout will mark the 10th Heavyweight World Championship fight in the last two years, making it a very big event that has drawn in a huge amount of hype from fans and the community.

The undefeated Englishman is looking to cement his legacy as one of the best heavyweights in the boxing world. Being 19 and 0, with all of his victories from horrendous knockouts, it’s safe to say that Joshua has the upper hand in this fight.

Because of the flack, he made in the industry, and how attractive his IBF belt looks, a Bulgarian heavyweight in the name of Kubrat Pulev decided to try his luck. The 36-year-old might already be past his prime, but this won’t stop him from further polishing his 25-1 record. Having 13 knockout victories in his impressive resume, there’s no doubt that the exciting matchup will have its 70,000 seats all sold out.

Anthony Joshua: The Knockout Specialist

Joshua is a great example of how a title-defender should be. Kicking off his illustrious career with a 2nd-round knockout against Charles Martin in 2016 was an interesting way of showing how he’s up to stun the world.

He matched this impressive feat by defending his Heavyweight belt for three straight times. The first was from Dominic Brezeale, then Eric Molina came in the spotlight. The latest was when he knocked-the-hell-out of Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko last April.

Kubrat Kulev Searches for Greener Pastures

Then there’s Kubrat Kulev, the Bulgarian who seeks redemption from his surprisingly unsettled defeat from Klitschko in Nov. 2014. Even though he’s already even with the Ukrainian, it seems like Kulev can’t get enough of vying for more as he’s looking to strip Joshua off his Heavyweight belt.

Having made a quick rebound in becoming a two-time European champion with his Dereck Chisora, Samuel Peter, and Kevin Johnson victories, he sure got what it takes to showcase his well-known power and speed against Joshua on Oct. 28.

Odds Roundup

The odds coming from the big UK boxing bookmakers are very similar with one another as Anthony Joshua clearly has the upper hand in this heavyweight bout. The best odds come from SkyBet with 1/20 odds on Joshua and 10/1 on Pulev. Meanwhile, Bet365 and Paddy Power Sport gives the British favorite odds of 1/40 and 1/25, while Pulev gets 10/1 odds from both bookmakers.

888 Sport has the same odds coming from Bet365 and Paddy Power Sport. But Betway Sport seems to go off a little bit with 1/33 and 9/1 odds on Joshua and Pulev respectively. Anthony Joshua has 1/6 odds to win by KO or TKO, while Pulev has 16/1 and 40/1 odds. 36/5 odds is on Joshua’s shoulders for him to win by decision while Pulev has 40/1 odds to win the same cause. Finally, 40/1 odds are given for a draw between the two heavyweights.

The Sequel to the Joshua vs Klitschko Fight?

So is this the sequel to the Joshua vs Klitschko fight that happened last April 27? We do think so as this is going to be the continuation of how the Brit is going to dominate the heavyweight class. The fight turned out as expected as Joshua managed to pull off his knockout power with style.

He knocked down the Ukrainian in the 11th round, proving to the world how tough-of-a-knockdown-specialist he is. But does he have the same ferociousness especially that he’s up to facing a more experienced veteran this time around?

What to Expect?

With all of these being said, what can we draw from the fight’s possible outcome? Well then again, as one of the pundits who rely on physical evidence and statistics, we must admit that Anthony Joshua will continue his 19-fight-winning-streak.

He’s most likely to successfully pull off his 20th knockout victory over the older Kubrat Pulev. That’s how it should go with all of the figures presented right in our face. But who really knows? Maybe this one’s going to be the upset of the century.