Old WBC offices to be torn down following Mexican earthquake devastation, reveals WBC President

The earthquake was devastating and has shaken our country. 49 buildings collapsed and many more were severely damaged.

Lives have been lost and rescue efforts continue to try to save those who are still trapped in the rubble, including some children from a collapsed school. A childhood friend of my sister Claudia is still waiting to be saved.


My brother Pepe has lost an apartment and my nephew Pepe Tono will not be able to return to the apartment he was renting  as such building is severely damaged . These are material loses, what is important is that my family, the Wbc staff and their families and the boxing community are all safe.

It has been humbling to see how Mexican people have united and gone out to volunteer and help. Many have served in rescue missions, risking their own lives, everyone reaching out to help others in need.

The WBC original offices, which have been rented since 1978, will no longer be available, as it is imminent that the building will have to be torn down. So many special moments happened there and only memories will live from such headquarters. An important chapter of the WBC history will be closed.


It has been so gratifying to feel the love, care and support from so many of you, so many champions, so many members of the boxing community of the world. Thank you on behalf of all the members of the WBC staff I need to express our sincere gratittude .

I am very much looking forward to seeing you very soon in Baku or somewhere else in the near future.

Please accept my very best personal regards .

Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar


José Sulaimán (RIP)