UKAD respond, say Tyson / Hughie Fury evidence request is reason for resolution delay

Peter Fury

The UK Anti-Doping Agency has responded to a recent social media post by Tyson Fury over the continued delay on a ruling over a failed drugs test.

Fury, along with cousin Hughie, are under investigation over the “presence of a prohibited substance” in a prior sample given to UKAD and both are said to be unhappy at the length of time it’s taken to resolve.

On Sunday night, Fury said: “How long must I be held up and kept out of action? It’s been 15 months since I’ve been under investigation, you’re keeping an innocent man from fulfilling his destiny and from providing for his family.

“Everybody else is dealt with in a few months, why must I be treated any differently?

“Surely there must be a human rights law preventing this from happening to people!

“Either ban me or set me free as I’ve been in limbo for a long time! I want to move on with my life!

“Clear my name and let me return to my former glory.”

UKAD have now stated the reason for a prologned conclusion was down to a request by the Fury’s to keep certain information out of the hearing.

“There are various reasons why, nevertheless, the charges have not yet been heard on the merits.

“All parties are currently awaiting a ruling from the NADP tribunal on an application made by the athletes to exclude certain evidence.

“It is therefore inaccurate to suggest either that UK Anti-Doping is failing to pursue these charges as quickly as possible, or that Mr Tyson Fury and Mr Hughie Fury are being treated differently to other athletes.”

Hughie Fury is preparing to fight for the world heavyweight title this weekend, whilst Tyson has chosen not to be active whilst the extended negativity surrounds his career.