Skeete responds to Eggington: I proved I’m the best, he beat a washed-up Malignaggi!

Tim Kudgis 15/09/2017

Last month, ATG Radio sat with current European welterweight champion Sam Eggington (21-3, 13KOs) and asked him his thoughts on his interest in avenging his last professional defeat to current British welterweight champion Bradley Skeete (27-1, 12KOs).

“The Bradley Skeete rematch could happen.  But I don’t think it could happen anytime soon. Eggington told ATG Radio on 15 August.

I don’t see how it can.  I know he beat me for the British title.  But since then I beat someone who beat him, then I beat Paulie Malignaggi and then I won the European title.  

“I think it would be pretty stupid for me to go back.  

“At the moment it’s nothing I’m chasing”

Almost exactly one month to the day, ATG Radio welcomed the London native to respond to Eggington’s disinterest in a potential rematch.  

“You go and watch the fight with me and Eggington. The question is answered for yourself,” said Skeete. 

“No one gave me a chance to go up there and deal with him the way that I did but I’d done it. Fair enough he moved on. He beat the guy who beat me and whatever.  

“He’s gone on to do good things by winning the European title and beating a washed-up PaulieMalignaggi.   

“Listen, I beat him for the British title and I’ve done my thing to win it outright. I’ve proved I’m the best domestically.”

Listen to the entire audio interviews here.

Eggington https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVHbFg0ruSI&t=12s

Skeete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhXvwp96_Bs&t=29s

Tim Kudgis is the co-host of ATG Radio and contributor to World Boxing News.  Please email any questions to tkudgis614@gmail.com

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