Mauricio Sulaiman defends WBC as Canelo continues ‘bitterness’

Mauricio Sulaiman has used his latest column to put the World Boxing Council’s side across in the current stalemate with ex-champion Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo has continually brushed off any advances the WBC have made over the last year, including passing up on a the specially designed Mexican title for his clash with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and more recently, announcing through promoters Golden Boy he would not be contesting the WBC belt against Gennady Golovkin.

In response, ‘GGG’ stated his green and gold title would proudly be on the line and Sulaiman has now attempted to figure out where Canelo’s disappointment stems from.

Sulaiman said: Now it is time for the fight the world has been waiting to see for quite some time. WBC, WBA and IBF middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin versus former two-division WBC Champion Canelo Alvarez.

This fight was mandated by the WBC in May of last year. It was supposed to have been mandated in May, 2015. However, GGG and K2 Promotions were in agreement to allow then-champion Miguel Cotto to fight Alvarez and when the fight was delayed, and when Canelo beat Cotto, GGG again graciously accepted to allow Canelo a voluntary defense in which he knocked out welterweight Amir Khan.

Five months before Canelo versus Khan, the agreement signed by Golden Boy Promotions and K2 was publicly released by the WBC and it clearly stated that a purse offer would be conducted 15 days after the Canelo versus Khan fight, due to the fact that GBP and K2 were in continuous negotiations since December, 2015, to sign Canelo versus GGG. At no time was there any pressure from the WBC on Canelo. It was agreed by both parties.

Canelo decided to vacate the WBC world championship, and as it was stated in the same signed agreement, GGG was recognized as WBC undisputed middleweight champion.

I am certain that Canelo must not have the facts clear, as he has since dedicated himself to express bitterness towards the WBC for unknown reasons. He has forgotten of the so many instances in which the WBC was fundamental in his growth as a boxer and as a person. My father, Jose Sulaiman, took Canelo as a rising prospect and guided him through a process to make him a huge star, going from the WBC Youth championship to the NABF championship and the Silver championship.

At that time, boxing had a hero – Manny Pacquiao – and when Jose Sulaiman was asked who could beat Manny, he categorically responded “Canelo.”

Pacquiao was the reigning WBC super welterweight champion and Canelo was the No. 1 contender, and as Pacquiao decided to return to welterweight, the WBC approved a fight to crown the new super welterweight champion, a decision my father strongly defended and stood firm in support of Alvarez, despite extreme criticism from many.

In the interest of Canelo’s future and well-being, my father strongly opposed Canelo fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr., claiming Canelo had a bright future and Floyd was too superior at that time. The result of the fight spoke for itself.

Canelo has always had the WBC doors open and all he has received is friendship, support and opportunities, still to this day. I am disappointed that after several attempts to have a face-to-face conversation Canelo has refused to meet with me.

I am personally extremely proud of Gennady Golovkin, who patiently waited for his time to step up to the biggest fight of his career with honor and pride and absolute respect to the sport, the fans, and his commitment to the WBC and the green belt he represents.

GGG versus Canelo is a great fight. The world is anxious to see it, and boxing will be at its best on Saturday, September 16th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Many believe Canelo was unhappy at treatment prior to eventually sealing the fight with Golovkin, with the Mexican superstar having a chance to take his frustrations out on the Kazakh puncher at boxing’s capital this weekend.