Lance Bryant makes easy work of Aussie ‘Kiwi Killer’

Ringside 12/09/2017

Aaron Russell (10-3-0) is well known for defeating one of the best cruiserweights from New Zealand, including James Porter (8-4-0), Asher Derbyshire (8-2-0) and Nik Charalampous (14-0-0). The Australasian Champion was eventually given the name the Kiwi beater.

Lance Bryant (10-3-0) already had three titles in his name with the New Zealand National (NZNBF version), WBF Oceania and IBO Asia Pacific Cruiserweight titles. He has wins over James Langton (10-4-0), Monty Filimaea (10-14-1), James Porter (7-3-0 at the time) and Joseph Kwadjo (23-8-0).

This fight was originally for the ANBF Australasian title, however the promoter removed the title to cut cost and replace it with the IBO Oceania-Oriental title.

Bryant made quick work of Russell, winning the bout by TKO in the 2nd round. With this win not only does he win the IBO Oceania-Oriental title, but he also increases his rankings from 116 to 65 in the world on Boxrec. He is not only now ranked 1st in the Cruiserweight division in New Zealand, but he is ranked P4P 2nd in New Zealand on boxrec as an active boxer, behind Joseph Parker but infront of David Aloua, Mose Auimatagi Jnr and Junior Fa.

Also there is potencial talk that Lance Bryant could be awarded the ANBF Australasian title, due to knocking out the title holder. This is due to the fact that in the past when their national title holder gets knocked out, the title changes hands under ANBF rule 75. A perfect example of this rule was John Hopoate vs Colin Wilson on 3rd of October 2009, where Colin Wilson knocked out Australian Champion John Hopoate in a non title 10 round fight. After the fight Wilson was awarded the title under the rule. If ANBF have similar rules to their Australasian title, then Bryant should be award the Australasian title.

With this win, Lance Bryant can either be put in line for an eliminator fight for the IBO World title or even go for a major regional title with IBF, WBA, WBO or WBC. With this win you can also assume that promoters are watching closing like Duco Boxing, Big Bash or Shane Cameron to have him on their future shows.

In recent days New Zealand boxers have been doing well in World rankings including Alrie Melesiea now ranked 6th in the WBA and peaked 4th on Boxrec but now is 10th due to inactivity, Lance Bryant now ranked 65th on boxrec, Mose Auimatagi Jnr ranked 91st on boxrec, Junior Fa ranked 75th on Boxrec and of course World Champion Joseph Parker.