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Home » Exclusive: Mirror newspaper confirm no payment was ever made to Asif Vali for Team Fury info

Exclusive: Mirror newspaper confirm no payment was ever made to Asif Vali for Team Fury info

Allegations had been made over the summer of Vali potentially releasing information regarding the alleged failed UK Anti-Doping tests of both Tyson and Hughie, although The Mirror have moved to correct that this was NOT the case.

“A Trinity Mirror spokesman confirmed there is no record of any payment to Asif Vali,” was the response exclusively to World Boxing News when the paper were recently contacted on the specific matter of a payment to Team Fury.

Vali has begun pursuing the matter legally, although told WBN those responsible for the initial claims have been unwilling to fully cooperate with plans to set up a hearing.

“They won’t give up their address so we cannot issue them with a court summons. This information from the Mirror now proves I did nothing wrong but my reputation has been damaged by this,” Vali exclusively told World Boxing News.

The Mirror’s clarification comes just days after Tyson and Hughie’s trainer Peter had stated it was ‘not possible’ anything could have been leaked by Vali or any other team member as nobody from his team actually had the information about the failed tests.

Speaking to Ingram Jones at Bayloric World TV, Peter said: “Only myself, my lawyers and Mick Hennessy knew about it, so it’s bizarre to think anything like that (anybody else could leak it). That’s not what I meant when I said, ‘heads will roll’ I meant the tightening of our ship. It’s not actually anything to do with the UKAD stuff.

“I’ve had a look internally if my side could have leaked anything like that but it’s not possible. So, it’s official, and maybe UKAD have to ask themselves where it’s come from.”

‘Heads will roll’ was Fury was referring to further rumors Vali had been sacked over the affair, which by Peter’s own admission never happened.

Once the first allegations came to the fore, Peter even sent a message backing him 100%, along with former world champion Khan – both of whom have stood by Vali throughout.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay