Exclusive: David Haye talks ‘MayMac’ Las Vegas atmosphere, praises Conor McGregor

Joe Hewlett 07/09/2017

David Haye was one of many stars to attend the cross-over fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

The bout took place in Las Vegas and ‘Money with Mayweather emerging victorious in a tenth-round stoppage via TKO.

The ‘Hayemaker’ admitted he was surprised it lasted as long as it did.

“I wasn’t anticipating Mayweather to lose any rounds let alone winning three in a row. I had the fourth round close as well with the first three to McGregor and the fourth could have went either way so I gave it a drew and the rest went to Mayweather,” Haye exclusively told World Boxing News.

“But the fact he put himself in a position in round seven or eight where the fight was even made me think we had a real good fight on our hands and I enjoyed whilst it lasted, though the writing was on the wall. He (McGregor) started gassing and Floyd controlled every aspect of the fight.

“McGregor, if he wanted to, he could tie Mayweather in knots in a cage and drag it out before taking him down and doing some Jiu Jitsu and could have done the same if the role was reversed.

“You don’t have to choke someone out in the same way you don’t have to knock someone out. I believe Mayweather gave some entertainment, he was getting $350M for it. Not a bad night’s work,” he laughed.

Haye was amazed by the atmosphere generated by the T-Mobile Arena in America.

He said: “The atmosphere was great, it was really nice all the A listers were there, it was different atmosphere, maybe because I’m used to the boxing crowd but there were lots of MMA fans.

“People who may not have normally have been able to have afforded a $5,000 ticket but there was really an intense crowd and I enjoyed it, I’m glad I was there.”

The Londoner complemented McGregor’s performance despite losing the contest and was surprised by how the Irishmen displayed himself during the clash.

“It was an entertaining fight whilst it lasted. Conor McGregor coated himself in glory he did what many people didn’t think he could make it competitive and whether that would be him being so great at boxing or whether Mayweather let him do it, he did it.

“He landed more shots than pretty much anyone else I had seen so he should take a lot of confidence,” he concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95