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A History of Boxing Betting

The fast action in the games, and the adrenaline pop that spectators enjoyed were instrumental to the popularity of these sports activities. But one more thing that made boxing very popular is the fact that many people enjoyed betting on the outcome of the matches. So, boxing betting helped bolster the popularity of the game.

However, it is good to note that as contact sports, people find it very difficult to predict the exact outcome of the matches. That is why surprises are always imminent in most of the boxing competitions. However, the fact that most of the games will always have a clear winner and loser at the end, and the bettors can view the full action, makes it very exciting to engage in.

How Did Boxing Betting Start

No one could point out to the exact time boxing betting started. The only explanation is that it started when boxing started, and that should be close to the 1700s. However, there was a sort of decline in the sports later on, only for a resurgence to happen around the early part of the 20th century.

Now, while the type of boxing betting that took place around the 1800s, and the type that people engage in online and at Vegas are different in mode, the idea has never changed. History has it that boxing was banned in the United States and the UK around the early periods of the 20th century.  This shifted the fights to the gambling centers, and gave rise to the boxing betting in Vegas. The top fights started holding in the city.

The earliest stars in the sports were Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson. In 1908, Johnson became a heavyweight champion, and the first African American to win it. The betting aspect of the sports grew massively in this period because to keep their belt, champions had to fight the best in the world.

The mantle shifted to Dempsey around 1920. It became the most popular sports in the states with baseball at the time. Most of the fights at the time witnessed huge bets at the arenas. At this time, huge money started rolling into the sports, and Dempsey was the first to attract a million dollar gate.

The game witnessed a bit of decline after Joe Louis, but the arrival of Sonny Liston around the 1960s brought it back to the limelight. But when Cassius Clay, against all boxing betting odds, defeated Louis twice and claimed the title of the Heavyweight Champion, boxing betting went systematic and punters started shopping for tips. He made the entire world to develop a huge interest in boxing, and different centers across the world started witnessing huge fights with huge money involved.

The mob ties started cracking, even in the Vegas boxing betting system. The boxers developed an interest in fighting the top guys, not just to win, but so that they can go home with huge cash prizes.

The peak of things in the sports came with Joe Frazier and George Foreman. The manner of viewing and betting on the game changed too. The pay per view format was adopted for the huge fights and people rushed to see those.

Types of Boxing Betting Wagers

The first type of bet involved in boxing is the round bet. It entails predicting the number of rounds the fight will see. Another wager will be based on predicting the type of victory to happen. This will have options like a split decision, decision, points win, and technical knockouts.