Coldwell happy with Gill performance, aims for busy period

Jordan Gill showed no hint of ring rust as he cast aside 17 months of inactivity with a destructive display of power against Jordan Ellison on Stefy Bull’s excellent Doncaster bill.

Gill, working with Dave Coldwell in his corner for the first time, was relentless from the opening bill as he timed his attacks superbly and once establishing a brutal advantage in the fight he refused to let it go.

His trainer was ecstatic with his performance and is now desperate to keep his charge busy and is already looking forward.

“Trust me when I say this, we’re looking at a very special boxer in Jordan Gill,” buzzed an excited Coldwell.

“Saturday was really about getting him back in the ring in front of a crowd and getting him used to the fight situation once again. I was confident of the win but for Jordan to go out there and turn in a performance like that is like one of those fights when you look up and really take notice.

“We were expecting some hard rounds and we never got them so it’s important we try and get that experience next few fights because we’re both looking at titles and that’s the minimum requirement. I’m really excited about where this kid might go.”

Coldwell added, “We’re going to sit down and plot the next move but it’s hard deciding what direction to go as I know what he’s capable of but I also know he needs to get that little bit more experience as he’s been out for so long.

“From the moment we had our first session I knew there was something about him and the way he’s settled into life at my gym is a huge testament to him because he’s got that desire and he’s soaking up so much from the other lads in the gym.

“He’s returned to the ring with a brilliant win and now hopefully that’s the start of a busy period for him where he can make a really big impact.”