Shocker: Controversy strikes twice as Antonio Margarito defeats Carson Jones in awful TD

Phil Jay 03/09/2017

Antonio Margarito was involved in yet another controversial and bloody battle on Saturday night as the former world champion claimed victory over American slugger Carson Jones.

Seemingly on his way to a possible early loss due to consistent damage to his troublesome eye, Margarito somehow managed to come away triumphant in Chihuahua.

The fight went back and forth from the off, but it was Jones who was getting the better of the tougher exchanges and predictably opened up Margarito’s old war wound in the second with a clear straight right punch.

Doctors immediately jumped on the injury due to Margarito’s previous with the eye, although ‘The Tijuana Tornado’ was allowed to continue.

Despite Margarito getting in plenty of his own shots, it was Jones who looked to more comfortable of the two and was seemingly ahead at the midway point of the fifth.

At the end of that fifth, Margarito was hurt by a right hand, which rocked him back before the end of the round was signalled with a full 20 seconds left.

This may have been the first sign of potential alarm for Jones who looked on his way to a career-best win heading into the second half of the contest.

Margarito remained busy as he blew hard through the sixth and seventh but just didn’t have enough to trouble Jones and force him back from an attacking position.

By the end of the seventh it was all Jones as the Oklahoma man pinned the dogged Margartio on the ropes with seconds remaining and was close to forcing a stoppage.

That’s where everything tourned sour for Jones as Margarito was halted by the official on his stool before the eighth could even begin.

Two terrible decisions followed as the blow Jones struck early in the second was wrongly ruled a headbutt, meaning the fight went to the scorecards after seven completed rounds.

The second was scoring as all three judges carded in favor of Margarito 68-64 and 67-65 (twice) leaving Jones a bewildered figure and wondering what had gone down in Mexico.

Hopefully a review or a rematch on American soil will follow as Jones was a deserved winner and was seemingly robbed of his greatest night to date.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay