Shocker: Conor McGregor gloats about ‘entering a circus’ and ‘getting filthy rich’

Conor McGregor may have angered boxing fans further by labelling his experience facing Floyd Mayweather ‘a circus’ in his latest social media post.

‘The Notorious’ called himself a ‘captured orangutan’ and gloated about entering the sport for a one-off showdown and taking a massive amouth of money away from it.

Despite losing to Mayweather in what was the first bonafide stoppage of the former pound for pound king’s career in a decade, McGregor seems quite happy to have lost and earned a wheelbarrow full of cash for his trouble.

“The captured orangutan who obeyed the rules of a circus and got filthy rich from it,” posted McGregor, with an accompanying picture of himself before his ringwalk.

McGregor was lambasted in the run up to facing Mayweather due to being handed a massive opportunity without lacing up a pair of professional boxing gloves in the past.

Many called for McGregor to earn his stripes, but obviously that route wasn’t possible due to the 29 year-old’s boxing skills, which along with a lack of stamina, we painfully evident on fight night.

Some may wish McGregor good luck for playing the game well, although to then rub boxing fans facing in it when they paid up to $99.95 for the privilege of watching him seems to be taking things a little too far.

Especially when McGregor is potentially lining up a second boxing match (Paul Malignaggi) in the future and will be expecting hardend fans of the sport to support him on the paid platform once again.