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Home » Jones: Bullsh**! Motherf***** Margarito quit on his stool and won!

Jones: Bullsh**! Motherf***** Margarito quit on his stool and won!

Jones seemingly split Margarito wide open in the second, out-pointed him through seven AND forced the Mexican to quit on his stool before the eighth.

All this and Margarito somehow walked away with a unanimous decision win as all three judges carded in the former world champion’s favor.

In the immediate aftermatch, Jones was clearly irate at what had transpired in what should have been his defining career victory.

“Mexico (is the)m only place where a mf (motherf*****) can quit on his stool and win. Bullsh**!” said Jones, who dropped to 40-12-3 instead of rightly earning his 41st triumph.

Instead, it was Margartio who reached that tally through highly controversial means and celebrated that fact at the end of the fight as if he was the rightful winner.

The hollow victory for Margarito will only sour his reputation further on the back of the glove controversy with Miguel Cotto and the fact ‘The Tijuana Tornado’ continues to fight on with a clear eye problem.

A rematch is the right thing to do, but this time Margartio must give Jones home advantage in the United States.

Sadly, that outcome will only be a dream for Jones as the 31 year-old super-welterweight contender once again wonders what might have been.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay