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Home » Mayweather v McGregor set to beat ‘MayPac’ record despite ‘exaggerated, limited complaints’

Mayweather v McGregor set to beat ‘MayPac’ record despite ‘exaggerated, limited complaints’

Mayweather’s victory over Manny Pacquiao drew in 4.4m buys when disappointing fans two years ago, although the return of ‘Money’ was a far more interesting affair.

The 40 year-old former pound for pound king stopped UFC champion McGregor in ten rounds, proving boxing is a cut above MMA’s top company and takes far more skill and guile to conquer.

Interest in the clash was at a premium from the off and projected sales are expected to be close or above the 5 million mark once the numbers are crunched.

Espinoza, who was labelled ‘a weasel’ by McGregor in the build-up, was pleased as punch with the initial outcome despite some complaints over the live feed.

“It was a massive event we had to put together very, very quickly,” Espinoza told AP. “Working together with all the partners on the event, we were able to pull off a nearly flawless event, and the fight itself turned out to be very entertaining.

“So all in all, from a financial standpoint and an entertainment standpoint, it was absolutely a success.”

On several scaremongering stories regarding possible legal action from disgruntled fans, Espinoza added: “The reports that came out earlier this week on issues on the Showtime digital stream were definitely exaggerated.

“We did receive a limited number of complaints, but nothing commensurate with the level of press coverage that it generated. Our app worked, and worked well in the face of unprecedented demand.”

Whether ‘MayMac’ would smash the Mayweather v Pacquiao record out of the ballpark, a cautious Espinoza wouldn’t be hasty in his prediction.

“It’s a little soon to be predicting a record but the record is definitely within reach.

“I’d absolutely call this a complete success. This was a fight that had massive expectations in both the fight itself and the business results. It lived up to those expectations in every respect.”