Exclusive: Buglioni reponds to Yarde, stipulates how future title fight could happen

Joe Hewlett 02/09/2017

Frank Buglioni has fired back at Anthony Yarde’s claims about only wanting to raise his profile instead of fighting him.

Last week, WBN spoke to Yarde as the Londoner claimed ‘Wise Guy’’ Buglioni wasn’t contemplating a clash with him anytime soon.

Buglioni laughed off the accusation and pointed the finger back at Yarde and his team.

“I’ve got a bigger profile than him, why would I need to raise my profile? I’m the British champion and he was the Southern Area champion last time in this country, there’s a bit of a difference. And now he’s WBO European champion, he had the same belt I had three years ago,” Buglioni exclusively pointed out to World Boxing News.

“In terms of boxing experience he’s not near me and in terms of profile, he isn’t bigger than me. I’d say he’s got the unbeaten record and hasn’t done anything wrong so far but he’s unproven, untested and had the chance to prove himself against Burton but declined.

“So that tells you everything you need to know about Yarde. He’s obviously not as sure in his ability as his hype and the people who follow him think,” he added.

Eddie Hearn offered Yarde the biggest pay cheque of his career to fight Hosea Burton, whilst Frank Warren revealed he had submitted a huge deal to make the bout between Buglioni and Yarde.

Buglioni, from Enfield, raised questions over the motives from Warren. whilst also implying he has more important objectives to fulfil in his career for the time being.

“He (Warren) made me the offer to fight Yarde, but for me to fight him I’d have to vacate my British title, the title I have chased and worked very hard to win in what was the fight of the night against Burton who was the champion.

“Regardless of the money, I’m not a whore of the game and won’t sell myself for a fight, I’d rather win the British belt outright.

“There’s more prestige and honour in that than making a quick buck. I’m confident of making money in this game so I haven’t gotta chase the money right now. It’ll come and my next couple fights with Eddie Hearn is not the money Frank Warren was offering me anyway,” he said.

The Londoner believes the payday on the table to fight Burton was a figure nowhere near to what Yarde has received before in his career.

And the 28-year-old admitted he is open to fighting his fellow rival next year if he is serious about the bout but wasn’t convinced by recent noise made by Yarde.

“I know for a fact Yarde has never got those paydays and Eddie Hearn offered him a substantial amount to fight Burton. If he won that fight he’d then be fighting me for another substantial amount in getting that fight he so called says he wants.

“All of a sudden when I got my mandatory they started calling me out which all seems very good timing. When his final eliminator gets called he doesn’t want to fight him, it sounds like he’s running away.

“Once I beat my mandatory, we’ll see if he wants the fight,” Buglioni concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95