Hemi “The Heat” Ahio on fire in return victory

Ringside 01/09/2017


Hemi “The Heat” Ahio has made his in ring return with a massive win over veteran Daniel Tai. Ahio has one the New Zealand National (PBCNZ Version) & IBO Oceania-Oriental Heavyweight titles.

The fight went the full 10 round distance with the judges scoring 98 – 91 (2 judges) and 99 – 90. The crowd was loving the atmosphere especially when fresh prince of Bel air theme song was played in the breaks. Ahio almost winning every round, knocked down Tai in the 10th round, which is extremely rare to see. Now that Hemi Ahio is back, who knows who will be next, however it’s been said that Julius Long would be up for a fight against the winner of this bout.

Baby Nansen was featured on the main undercard for this evening, taking on Quinita Hati for the vacant New Zealand National (PBCNZ version) super lightweight title. Throughout the bout it was extremely close, however both boxers got slightly distracted when the buildings security alarm went off during round 2 and 3. Nansen won a very close fight by Unanimous Decision, winning her first title of her career.

Tyrone Warren took on Samoan Salo Ben Vui in a crusierweight bout. The bout ended in a Split Decision draw, however as close as the bout was a lot of people believed that Tyrone Warren won the bout. A rematch in the future should definitely happen.

Two quick Knockouts in the first round happen this evening with Cairo George knocking Nick Hikuroa by a damaging body punch, even though it seems the referee stopped it too early. And Nik Charalampous Knocking out Afatasi Fulava. Afatasi Fulava who showed a lot of talent, however struggled at the beginning of the round when he tweaked his knee. However one simple Jab from Charalampous and Afatasi Fulava knee completely gave out, forcing a stoppage to the fight.

Ruebin Webster had his rematch against veteran boxer Daniel Maxwell. Webster clearly won the fight by Unanimous decision, showing much improvement from when they first fought. Daniel Maxwell is looking to retire later this year, however he is aiming to get his second and last New Zealand title before retiring.

Tino Honey made his in ring return since a year ago, but this time fighting as a heavyweight against Sam Pulu. The bout was an explosive bout and there were some really close calls. However it was Tino Honey walking away with the win by Unanimous Decision.

Trish Vaka and Lani Daniels made their pro debut tonight on the card, both as heavyweight fighters. Both showed impressive skills and a lot of amateur experience was showing. Lani won her bout by Unanimous Decision however it was a very close bout. Next month Trish Vaka will be taking on Geovana Peres for the New Zealand National (PBCNZ version) heavyweight female title.

Missy Elliot made her debut against Mellisa Huruwai this evening. Mellisa Huruwai took the fight on only 12 hours notice, but despite that she showed a lot of skill and maybe would have won the fight with more notice. Elliot won the bout by Unanimous Decision with a Shortland Street TV Star in her corner.

And finally the battle of the pro Super Heavyweights open the pro card with Mike Barker taking Ofa Koloamatangi. It is believe that Ofa Koloamatangi might of broken his hand in the second round, since he reacted after hurting it and not using it much throughout the fight. The fight ended by Unanimous Decision to Mike Barker.