Exclusive: Anthony Yarde opens up on Hosea Burton / Frank Buglioni / British title situation

Joe Hewlett 28/08/2017

Stacey Verbeek

Anthony Yarde has called Eddie Hearn’s bluff as he scoffed at his recent offer to fight Hosea Burton.

The Londoner has been linked with a domestic duel with British champion Frank Buglioni and the 26-year-old has admitted it’s the fight that he wants but questioned the motives of the Matchroom mogul.

“I think Eddie Hearn said to Frank Buglioni, call Anthony Yarde out but don’t worry, you’re not gonna fight him anytime soon,” Yarde exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Hosea Burton is Eddie Hearn’s fighter as well and Buglioni has just knocked him out so I don’t want to fight somebody who’s been knocked out. I want to fight the man who has just called me out and has the British title.”

He added: “I think the reason they’ve called me out is because of my last few fights and the attention I’ve got. People have started calling out for me and Buglioni to fight and that’s the only fight they want.

“What they’ve done strategically is call me out first and then put the string in place by saying fight Hosea Burton first but it’s only going to slow down my progression.”

The 26-year-old from Hackney was allegedly offered the biggest payday of his career by Hearn to fight Burton.

However, Yarde admits he has learnt a lot from the speculation between both parties and insisted the money offered was nowhere near the pay cheque his promoter, Frank Warren has proposed.

“One thing I’ve learn from that, I’ve not had much money before in my life but I know money comes and goes. £100,000, £80,000, £50,000 – I don’t want to stay on that level. I want to move up and make big paydays.

“If they wanna try bribe me with money, well Frank Warren offered them more than that so it well and truly it isn’t about money. My route is to become world champion, that’s my main objective,” he said.

Asked who else was on his horizon before attempting to clinch world glory, he concluded:

“I think this is the early on in my career, when I saw Buglioni on super-middleweight I didn’t think this fight could happen. I don’t target anybody or look at any individual. I focus on myself and my own progression and when the big fights come, you need to entertain.

“It’s one thing about having a good fight and there’s another to entertain the fans,” added Yarde.

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