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Home » McGregor out-weights Mayweather massively, labels him ‘dogs****’

McGregor out-weights Mayweather massively, labels him ‘dogs****’

Looking comfortable and at ease, the Irishman proceeded to show his physique to a massive crowd in Las Vegas.

‘He looks like dogs***. He looks blown out and totally out of shape. I’m going to breeze through him. I make weight. I’m in peak physical condition. I’m ready.

“I’ll be a lot bigger than him. Close to 170 on fight night. He’s afraid and twitching away.”

Mayweather, at 40 years old, came in 149 pounds and looked less than ripped for his latest efforts.

Despite what will be an obvious weight differential at the T-Mobile Arena, the former pound for pound king was non-plussed.

“I’ve been here before. Tomorrow it comes down to the fighters,” Mayweather told Jim Gary of Showtime.

“Weight doesn’t win fights. Fighting wins fights. It won’t go the distance, mark my words!”

As the scaling began, it seemed Mayweather was making fun of McGregor’s package in his underpants as a considerable poking was present to those present and on TV.

For his part, Mayweather wore Paddy Power pants from the bookmaker who has already paid out on a victory, despite being from McGregor’s homeland.