Exclusive: English champion Darryll Williams gives Chris Eubank Jr. a dressing down

Joe Hewlett 23/08/2017

Daryll Williams has laughed off the credentials of Chris Eubank Jr as the latter prepares for his quarter final clash against Turkey’s Avni Yildirim.

The Brighton man is one of four compatriots to enter the World Boxing Super Series and Williams isn’t impressed by the super-middleweight in the slightest.

“The arrogance is too much; his Dad was a certain way when he fought but he had a certain level of respect at the same time. He literally has no respect, taking the p*** out of his trainers,” Williams exclusively told World Boxing News.

“The certain things I’ve seen, to be acting like that to a trainer who has done what he’s done with his Dad, you know, it’s disrespectful. For his Dad to let him even act the way he has with (Ronnie) Davies is pathetic, a joke – You don’t act like that.

“I’ve never seen nothing like it, it’s a very strange scenario. We’ll see how he goes, are we really going to see him (English) jumping in between rounds in the Super Series? It’s a weird thing,” he added as he continued to rip into Eubank.

If Eubank emerges victorious in Germany, he will go toe-to-toe against either George Groves or Jamie Cox in a domestic dust-up with the WBA ‘Super’ world title strap on the line.

The English champion was vocal, admitting he wouldn’t be surprised if the 27-year-old pulls out beforehand.

“Will he pull out? Probably. He’ll come up with some c*** and bull story, probably.

“I hope not because whether he wins or loses in the competition at least then no one can say he’s ducking people, he’s done this or done that.

“At least I can then gain some respect for him because right now, I’ve got no respect for that b******.”

Even if he does defeat the undefeated Turk, the Londoner expects the victor from Groves and Cox to defeat him.

“I personally think Groves would beat Eubank, but when it comes to Cox and Smith, I think it’s different levels all together,” he concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95