Early win could net Floyd Mayweather $6 million per second

WBN 23/08/2017

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr and Octagon phenomenon Conor McGregor will go toe-to-toe in Las Vegas on August 26, in a fight which is set to send boxing box office records into the stratosphere.

Mayweather Jr is anticipated to take home $400 million – a figure which could push his total career earnings to $1 billion – while MMA-come-boxer McGregor sets to bag $127 million. This is even more staggering when punters consider that McGregor has never entered a boxing ring before.

To put this into perspective, Roger Federer would need to win Wimbledon more than 57 times to earn the same kind of pay day as McGregor. This stark comparison is just one of many made by Grosvenorsport.com in a new tool built for the much-anticipated fight. With the swipe of a button, users can predict when they think the fight will finish, and in turn, see how fast each fighter will make their millions.

For instance, should the fight finish after six minutes, Mayweather Jr will net an eye-watering $1,111,111 per second, while McGregor bags $352,778. Grosvenorsport.com have included betting functionality, too, so users can bet on the round they think the fight will finish in.

Further research shows a clear disparity between the amount of money earned across different sports.

Examples of these statistics include:

  • Chris Froome would need to win the biggest cycling event in the world more than 700 times to earn what Mayweather will. As the event is three weeks long, he would have to cycle for 2,100 weeks – equal to 40 years of non-stop cycling
  • Michael van Gerwen and Phil “The Power” Taylor would have to win the World Darts Championships more than 819 times each to match Mayweather’s pay day.
  • Sergio Garcia would have to win the Masters 202 times to come away with the same prize money as Mayweather.

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