McGregor content with stipulations ahead of Mayweather fight week

Joe Hewlett 20/08/2017
Conor McGregor

📸 Esther Lin

The boxing world are just a week away from witnessing future hall-of-fame boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC king Conor McGregor going toe-to-toe.

In another twist to the mega-fight last week, the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved a change-up in gloves.

The padding has been reduced from 10oz to 8oz as both participants up the antics ahead of their Vegas showing.

The ‘Notorious’ Irishman has welcomed the switch and complemented the authorities for producing a fair playing field.

“I’m very happy with how the Nevada State Athletic Commission handled it. I think they handled it fairly – they listened to both requests and just the overall approach to the decision and the referees, the judges, I think they were very fair throughout, said McGregor.

“So that was a good thing for me to see that they’re taking into consideration both fighters’ requests and I’m very happy with it.”

Asked upon whether he thought it would have much of an effect on either fighters’ performance, he responded:

“You’ve got pros and cons on both sides. You’ve got both athletes asking for the request. And then you’ve got me also coming up in ounces from what I’m used to.

“I know some in the media are like oh no, it’s 10, it’s 8, but hey, look what I fight with. I fight in 4-ounce gloves, fingerless gloves. The knuckles are barely covered in what I am used to, so it benefits both in certain ways and I’m very happy with it.”

McGregor left the media in limbo having refused to confirm which lucrative sponsor he would choose printed on his gloves.

The 29 year-old concluded: “You know, we’re still in discussion with that, so we’ll see in a little bit.”