Floyd Mayweather addresses glove change, wants no excuses from Conor McGregor

Joe Hewlett 20/08/2017

Floyd Mayweather vowed to change the weight of gloves prior to fight night against Conor McGregor and duly delivered on his promise.

The duo’s joint-request was approved of their wish to alter from 10oz to 8oz gloves by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

‘Money’ Mayweather admitted he wasn’t concerned about the lighter use of padding as the participators approach their Vegas extravaganza.

“That really doesn’t have anything to do with the crowd. It has something to do with the two competitors,” said Mayweather.

“It could be pro-McGregor, it could be pro-Mayweather. It’s all about excitement, it’s all about giving everybody excitement, my fans as well as his fans, that’s what it really is about.

“I want to touch on the subject so everybody knows, that me and Ricky Hatton actually fought at 147, but we fought in 10-ounce gloves.

“So, I was going to make sure everybody is aware when me and Ricky Hatton fought against each other, we wore 10-ounce gloves and was at 147 pounds.

“Well, from 147 all the way down the boxing weights, you fight in 8-ounce gloves. From 154 that all the way to heavyweight, you fight in 10-ounce gloves.

“At one time boxing there was a lot of trauma and head injuries, so they brought 10 ounce gloves in for the fights to wear at 147.

“But then they went back. The guess that they weren’t getting the blood, sweat and tears they were expecting to get, so they had to go back to the guys wearing 8-ounce gloves at 147 all the way down.

‘The Best Ever’ also couldn’t resist taking a dig towards the Irishman, insisting he wants a fair playing field so there’s no controversy after the fight has taken place.

“I’m not really worried about the outcome. I’m worried more about excitement. Conor said he’s used to fighting in 4-ounce gloves.

“If you go to my social media page, you’ll see where I put out the extra work. I want to make him feel comfortable as possible. I’m not going to have any excuses. I don’t want him to have any excuses,” he added.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95

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