Jordan Gill hooks up with David Coldwell ahead of Sept 2 outing

Jordan Gill makes his long-awaited return to the ring on September 2nd in Doncaster and the Cambridge man is determined to make up for lost time with a serious assault on the featherweight scene clearly on his radar.

Now managed and trained by Dave Coldwell in Rotherham, Gill and his new mentor’s plot focuses on activity in the immediate future but with serious hours being spent in Coldwell’s South Yorkshire base, Gill believes the new tricks he’s collecting on a daily basis can prepare him for the highest level that his beloved sport can offer.

“If I didn’t believe I could go all the way then I wouldn’t bother,” insisted Gill.

“There’s much easier ways to make a living than boxing so if I’m going to make it my job then it’s going to get my full attention. I’ve not fought for a long time but during that spell I’ve never been out the gym so I’ve still been learning all the time and making sure I’m still in shape because I know the call to fight can come at anytime. The next few months are big months for me and I know Dave has some ideas that can hopefully get me on a few shows with some rounds under my belt but I want something really challenging to get me going again.”

Gill’s transition to Coldwell’s methods has been a smooth one thus far and the short time he’s been there has been beneficial up to now. Gill feels at home alongside high class twins, Jamie and Gavin McDonnell, Liverpool prospect, Anthony Fowler, and the gym’s lengthiest tenant, heavyweight contender, Tony Bellew.

A stable with variety at different stages of their career but Gill states that the winning mentality on display has been an energy he’s dined out on.

“They’re all good lads. Every single one of them has helped me out greatly. I still haven’t had a formal introduction with Bellew yet but it was good to watch him train for the David Haye fight earlier this year when I was sparring with Gavin for his world title fight.

“They’re all great fighters and great people and having them come over to me and offer me little bits of advice or suggestions can only be good for me. Dave has created a good atmosphere in the gym and it’s very competitive because every single person in there wants to be the best. Hopefully the good nights that have been experienced by my gym mates can be next for me.”

On his latest charge, Coldwell added, “Jordan is a really nice kid who has applied himself so well every single time he stepped foot in my gym. He’s a hungry fighter who’s also switched on and it’s just a case of getting him out there and getting him up the rankings.

“I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted another fighter in my stable but Jordan showed me more than enough to make me want to help him out and get him to where I believe he can get to. He’s doing all the right things so far and if he keeps improving at his current rate then you’re looking at a very accomplished fighter.

“A lot of the hard work has already been done with Jordan and he’s got a really solid foundation from his previous gym and there’s proof of that in his record as he’s an unbeaten fighter. It’s now time to build on what he already knows and see where it can take him.”