Exclusive: Amir Khan reveals promoter plans, aims to bring WBC-ratified boxing league format to UK

Joe Hewlett 17/08/2017

Amir Khan recently revealed to WBN he has just four big fights remaining before he draws the curtains on his career.

However, the Bolton man has further updated and says he’s going to remain in the boxing industry.

Khan is currently working on an ambitious project which includes boxers from various regions competing against each other in a new tournament format.

“With the backing of WBC, they give us the big stamp so they gave us the professional boxing league, which is a team concept we started in India. There’s a Mumbai team, team Delhi and team Punjab and in each league, there’s eight boxers. I really believe it spices things up because each fight is really competitive. It’s a points system, if you get a knock-out it’s an ex amount of points, all the points you earn are different depending on how you win the fight,” Khan exclusively explained to World Boxing News.

“If you don’t win you get zero points and if you win then you get three points. The ‘B’ teams won two fights but then then the A team gains a knock-out and it puts them back to the top of the league.

“It keeps every fight as important as the first fight, we’ve also included a girl who’s fighting in it as well. The crowds we’ve been getting, these are 50/50 fights and WBC authorised it and were really happy with the performances as they weren’t miss-matches.

“There’s been Prizefighter with Eddie Hearn, sometimes you could be up against a guy who’s better than you. With this format, each team has eight of their best boxers so that’s the way we do it and each team has a captain and an owner. The owner of the team gets the best fighters from that city,” he added.

The former two-time world champion aims to take his boxing bonanza to the UK in the short-distant future.

“My next move is to bring it to England and then hopefully get it to a few other places in the world. It can make you a superstar overnight, the people in India, they were nobodies but we are making them superstars overnight and ESPN broadcasted the fights in India.”

Khan has admitted he is interested in becoming a promoter within the next couple of years, with his pure interest in looking after the fighter’s security and wellbeing.

“My plans one day are to go into promotional work, that’s something I want to do.

“I’m slowly getting my foot in the door doing it with this league and if I can do it then it will be good and also I’m a fighter myself.

“One thing that I will do is look after the fighters and also be took care of. No disrespect to Hearn and Frank Warren but they’ve never been fighters.

“One of the most successful companies is Golden Boy and Oscar De La Hoya is a former fighter,” he concluded.

The Brit has announced intentions to step back in the ring for November with aspirations of one last crack of conquering the world again.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95