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Paddy McDonagh back in action Oct 7 in Dublin

Yet again, McDonagh will feature on a Red Corner Promotions show, which is taking shape, with three title fights on the night. ‘Champions Elect’ will take place in The National Stadium on October 7th.

‘It is great to get back out in Dublin. The support I got last time was fantastic, and I will be hoping for the same again’.

McDonagh, who has been sparring with Chris Eubank Jr, and looks set to have another camp over in Brighton for this fight, will have an 8 round bout in October.

‘It’s good to keep busy. I want to stay as active as possible, and I want to be in tough meaningful fights’.

Conor Slater, of Assassin Boxing, who was extremely confident of Paddy taking home the win against Stevie Collins Jr, has expressed his desire for Paddy to defend his Irish title.

‘It is important that Paddy is in meaningful fights. He needs more fights like June’s test to see him progress his career. It’s unfortunate that at this moment in time there just doesn’t seem to be anyone to defend his belt against. It was a good spectacle in June, so perhaps the rematch with Stevie could happen next year’.

While manager, and founder of Assassin Boxing, Kaz Evans is eager to get Paddy in 8 and 10 round fights, despite them being non-title affairs.

‘Paddy needs to be ready for the big fights when they come knocking on the door. We know how good he is over 10 rounds, so it is important we keep him fit for that distance’.