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Home » Exclusive: Shane Mosley reveals SHOCKING REAL reason for retirement

Exclusive: Shane Mosley reveals SHOCKING REAL reason for retirement

An interview stating his inability to train as the main reason has since been brushed off somewhat by Mosley, who had hoped to continue fighting for some time to come despite being almost 46 years of age.

Mosley, who last fought in May 2016 when losing out via decision to David Avanesyan in a title bout, has revealed an accident during surgery has contributed to the end of his illustrious 23-year career.

“I had a few more years left in me and had a few big fights lined up for 2017 and 2018. (Bernard) Hopkins fought up to 50 at world-class level and he has always been a role model and friend,” Mosley exclusively explained to World Boxing News.

“However, fate if you will, stepped in and took those options away from me earlier this year.

“I went in for a ‘minor’ orthoscopic surgery to remove a couple loose bone fragments from my elbow and the surgery turned into a whole ordeal after the surgeon admittedly and ‘accidentally’ burned me on my forearm leading to getting an infection.

“I needed like four or five days of I.V (intravenous) antibiotics and two weeks of antibiotics at home. It was crazy and surreal to learn that I could never fight again.”

Describing how the mishap has since affected him, Mosley added: “I can’t even straighten my arm or bend my arm to this day and still have numbness in my fingers.

“It’s really sad for me and I have been dealing with some depression over losing something that was this important to me.

“I have been in physical therapy since it happened trying to get my arm ready for a fight against (Magomed) Kurbanov which was an easy win for me. The kid only has nine fights under his belt and had no idea what he was getting into.

“We just finished a four-city fight tour in Russia and I was amped to get back in the ring and prove myself after the decision against Avanysean.

“I am hearing I have post-surgical trauma causing burn spurs or something like that and need another surgery so I know this the time to announce my retirement.

“I was talking to (previous interviewer) and didn’t want to mention all of this, but I know I need to make it clear why I am really retiring,” concluded Mosley.

WBN would like to once again wish Shane well in his retirement.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay