Exclusive: Amir Khan holds no Floyd Mayweather grudges, talks Conor McGregor fight

Joe Hewlett 14/08/2017

Naoki Fukuda / Esther Lin

It is less than a fortnight before Floyd Mayweather puts his undefeated record on the line against UFC king and boxing novice Conor McGregor.

It has received a mixed reaction from the boxing and media fraternity alike. However, Amir Khan insists it’s a massive fight which could have a prove pivotal for the future of combat sports.

“It’s a big fight as a boxing fan. I like MMA, I run a super-league but also, I’ve opened a new boxing league as well,” Khan exclusively told World Boxing News.

“This isn’t just a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, it’s a fight between boxing and MMA. What’s been happening at the moment is, MMA has been cleaning up, they are on a high. They’re getting more PPV buys, getting more people viewing it and more people are talking about it.

He added: “With boxing, not as many are talking about it because they aren’t getting the fights or having the fights people want. A lot of people have been falling off boxing and since the likes of the biggest fight of recent times in Mayweather and Pacquiao, which was a s*** fight, people are so p***** off with boxing they’ve gone to the UFC. It’s such a big fight, with the biggest name of boxing and the biggest name of MMA.

“Let’s see who the fans go with after whoever wins, I see it as being like that.”

Despite his cause for concern over the state of boxing and its future, ‘King Khan’ doesn’t believe the Irishman has the credentials to prevail against Mayweather.

“He’s fighting the best pound for pound boxer and even though Conor doesn’t have much of a chance, he is younger. But he’s fighting someone who has boxed all of his life where as Conor is only just starting boxing. There’s not much of a chance.

“We all say he’s got the punching power, but Canelo had the punch power, Miguel Cotto has the punch power to get to him. All these fighters had the power but none of them could hit Floyd clean.”

The 30-year-old missed out on a lucrative fight with the American after he decided to choose the likes of Andre Berto and Marcus Maidana over the two-time world champion.

He admitted if he had fought ‘Money,’ the contest would have been a spectacle for the boxing purists and Khan still has some small regret about missing out on the fight.

The Briton made it down to a two-man shortist twice before Mayweather chose Andre Berto and Marcos Maidana respectively.

“Every fighter goes in there trying to get Mayweather to throw a big punch, but Floyd is always on his back foot and moves. With me, it would have been fast footwork and hand speed, it would have been a boxing fight instead of a fight.

“When I make mistakes is when someone is brawling me and calling me to land a big shot and then I got caught but with a boxing fight I’ve always been able to box and with Mayweather, that would have been a good boxing fight. Mayweather is like an old Cuban styled fighter.

“It would have been good but that’s life,” he concluded as he prepares to make a his long-awaited comeback before the end of the year.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95