The mystery of boxing giant and super-enigma Taishan Dong

Almost two years of silence from a fighter previously followed with intrigue have led World Boxing News to find out what happened to Taishan Dong.

Signed to Golden Boy Promotions for six successful bouts between July 2014 and December 2015, the 29 year-old seven foot enigma was touted to have been an established force on the top division scene by now.

But following victory over the unheralded Daniel Arambula in his push to 6-0, ‘The Great Wall of China’ disappeared and has so far resisted any attempts to climb back into a boxing ring.

So what happened to him? WBN tracked down former manager turned Golden Boy laywer George Gallegos who gave us the only information he knew about the hard-hitting Chinese bulldozer.

“Well, the status of Taishan is unclear,” Gallegos exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We resolved our arbitration so I am no longer his manager but he does not respond to Golden Boy and has told them that a doctor hasn’t released him to fight. Saying this, he has not provided the doctor’s note to them.

“My belief is that while it is possible a doctor advised him not to fight (but probably did not forbid it), I don’t think he wants to fight.

“After our split, he trained at Wild Card and I heard he had some rough sparring and I think that made him rethink this path.

“He is still in the US and who knows maybe he comes back soon.”


Updating on his own future, Gallegos added: “I managed another heavyweight for a while, but then was hired by Golden Boy to work as their attorney so I am now focused on that.

“It’s great because instead of spending money investing, I’m making money in the greatest sport and enjoying every minute of it.”

Still under contract to Oscar De La Hoya, it may not be unthinkable to predict a return for Taishan one day down the line, although for now it seems to be a case of what might have been for boxing’s own wonder of the world.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay