Malignaggi reacts to McGregor footage release, says he’d fight UFC star on St Patrick’s Day 2018

Paulie Malignaggi spent some time on Saturday batting back quips from Conor McGregor fans on the sparring footage released by Dana White.

UFC boss White took to social media to post a few seconds worth of video showing Malignaggi’s two twelve round sparring session’s in a negative light to the boxer.

‘The Magic Man’ was soon baited by a wave of McGregor supporters who say a push described by Malignaggi previously was a knockdown in their eyes.

On the matter, Malignaggi replied to a few via his Twitter account.

“(As) disappointing as it is to the groupies who choose to be fooled it’s always easier to drop full UNEDITED footage,” the Italian-American said of White’s clips.

“I think people will see what they wanna see here, he f***s himself with this footage because Floyds team will alert ref he fouls this way now.

“(It’s) Gonna be tough for you Conor groupies to argue this view. Was a nice debate while it lasted, see me in two weeks.

“I think it’s clear I’m being pushed down by back of my neck anyone that what’s to see it will see it. Out of 36 minutes they have 45 seconds.

“I was there. Nothing I’ve said isn’t true, including the fact he caught a beating most of that spar.”

Malignaggi even went as far as to joke he’d be willing to face McGregor in what would be the two-weight world champion’s second outing in the squared circle next year.

“Well, St Patrick’s day does fall on a Saturday in 2018,” he winked in response to a fan asking if he’d fight McGregor after Mayweather.