WBA to investigate Geyci Lorenzo tragedy, events leading up to two KO’s in three days prior to death

Juan Arias 10/08/2017

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, President of the World Boxing Association (WBA), said he will investigate what happened to the Dominican boxer Geysi Lorenzo, who died on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 after a fight.

This was stated on Tuesday, August 8th, in Panama, during a press conference.

The Dominican press, specifically Listin Diario,in a note signed by the journalist Yoel Adames, reports that “in the middle of July (…) was hit by a vehicle on the 6 de Noviembre highway”. Later, the article quotes boxing trainer Carlos Wilson, who stated: “He fought on July 26th, where he was battered by prospect Geraldo Valdez, and three days later he was injured by another young man, Jeffry Castillo, in La Romana, where he got hit in the head, had to go to the hospital and look what happened”.

“It really hurt me to see what is happening with Geysi Lorenzo’s case, it could not be prevented and that is very bad. We have to put a stop to these things. We will make the corresponding investigations and, if it is the case, there must be sanctions. We have to make a call on the Dominican Republic Commission, because if it allows this, then it is damaging the health of the athletes, which is above all, and the sport in general”, said the WBA President.

For the WBA, the life of a boxer is above anything and it must be looked after. For this reason, the organization will make the respective investigations and, if it is the case, it will apply the corresponding sanctions.