Exclusive: ‘I blame myself for defeat, but I won’t change for anyone’ – says Ohara Davies

Joe Hewlett 10/08/2017

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Ohara Davies lost for the first time in his career after the referee intervened with Josh Taylor emerging victorious in Glasgow last month.

However, if you think the man from Hackney has lost an ounce of confidence then you can think again.

He’s plunged himself into another domestic dust-up with fellow Brit in Tom Farrell, with the two squaring off at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on September 30.

Ohara has admitted he still feels he has his reputation intact and is relishing the opportunity of returning to the ring.

“Not only am I excited to be back in the ring, I’m excited to be in such a big fight straight after a loss and that’s a good sign,” Davies exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It shows that I’m still relevant in the sport, people still want to come and watch me, Sky Sports still want me on their shows. Everyone knows in my previous fight I didn’t come out on top but I’ll be back bigger and better. I believe it’ll be a walk in the park on September 30.

Reflecting on his underwhelming performance against Taylor, the 25-year-old focused the blame on himself for being ill-prepared going into the clash.

“I fought a very good opponent but my loss is a testimony to not how good my opponent was, but in what happens when you fail to prepare for a fight and for that camp I changed up a lot of things I shouldn’t have changed up.

“I shouldn’t have added anything and I shouldn’t have taken anything out, I had a winning formula that won me fifteen fights and the one time I change it, I try to add things because I thought it would make me better, it affected me in the wrong way.

“That wasn’t the best me in there and everyone that saw the fight knows that it’s not how I perform on a good day but it’s nothing to complain about, you just have to go back in the gym, work harder, come back stronger and prove all the doubters wrong.

Since tasting defeat, Ohara has come under scrutiny via social media. Despite criticism, he has insisted that no one can change his undeniably outlandish persona.

“I’m just me, win lose or draw, I’m always gonna be me. I’m always gonna be what I want, people don’t like what I say but I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.

“This is my life, my time and I’m gonna do what I want. That’s the great thing about being your own boss I’ve got no one above me, I’ve got people above me telling me who can tell me how I should act.”

In a no nonsense, bullish mood, the Matchroom fighter concluded: “I can literally have an interview, say what I want, cuss who I want, be friendly with who I want and it’s my freedom – I’m not gonna change for anyone.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95

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