Exclusive: Ohara Davies fully supports Mayweather v McGregor, lambasts Ashley Theophane

Joe Hewlett 08/08/2017

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The critics and boxing world are divided over the ‘circus’ between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor as they prepare to go to battle on August 26.

One man who is backing the super-fight though, is Ohara Davies. The Hackney man believes the entertainment value alone is worth every penny.

“I’m a big fan of it; I think it’s good for the sport of boxing. A lot of people are complaining about the fight but the fact they are making so much money proves that everyone wants to see that fight,” Davies exclusively told World Boxing News.

“The boxing public are buying into the fight, you’ve got a few fighters who are playing down the fight but people who are talking down on the fight are jealous at the position Floyd is in.

“He’s a multi-millionaire and is going to make more millions. This sport is about entertainment and even though we all know Floyd’s gonna win, it’s an entertaining fight.

“A bit like the WWE, even though they know it’s not real, they know it’s not real but they like all the hype and the drama and with boxing, the hype of the fight is the reason people want to see it,” he said.


It was only earlier this year Ohara was filmed having an argument with Mayweather whilst promoting his protégé in Gervonta Davies in London.

The super-lightweight who is set to fight Tom Farrell next, recalls his encounter and has called out fellow Londoner Ashley Theophane.

“When me and Floyd had words, he was basically comparing me to Gervonta Davies and I’m like, this geezers two weight classes behind me.

“Yes he’s a world champion and he’s a good fighter but he isn’t in my weight class. So I was like to Floyd, bring any of your fighters that are 140lb and I will knock any of them out.

“We did offer Ashely Theophane out but he’s just being a complete p****y. He said the money’s not right. He’s not getting any money for the Floyd shows he fights on anyways, he’s comforting the fact he’s signed with Floyd – Just because you’ve signed for Floyd doesn’t mean you’re Floyd. You’ve gotta go out there and create a name for yourself.”

Asked if it could be a fight he’d consider towards the backend of this year or earlier next year, the 25-year-old admitted he was open to the domestic clash:

“It could be yeah but Ashley is a bum. He knows if he fights me he’ll get knocked out so he won’t fight me unless that’s his last option. If he’s got somewhere else he can fight then that’s where he’ll go and I don’t blame him. If people are on their way out, they want to fight people who are on their way out.

“The old dogs wanna fight the old dogs” he concluded in classic Ohara style.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95